Become a Clemson SNAP-Ed Partner

Community partners are a key part of making the SNAP-Ed program successful!  Here are some things to consider. 

Does your audience qualify?

SNAP-Ed regulations direct our focus efforts on SNAP-Ed eligible audiences.  This includes:

  • SNAP participants
  • Low-income individuals who qualify to receive SNAP- benefits
  • Individuals who meet the requirements for other Federal assistance programs
  • Individuals residing in communities with a significant low income population.

To receive credit for the great work we’re doing at our classes and events, we ask our partners to provide anonymous demographic information on the audience.

What type of program are you interested in hosting?

  • Cooking Demonstrations and Taste Tests
  • Cooking Classes to learn how to plan and prepare healthy meals at home
  • Store Tours of local grocery retailer to learn how to shop healthy on a budget
  • Nutrition and healthy life style lessons (single or series) for children and adults
  • Food Safety classes for adults 

How is your organization able to help with the healthy event? 

SNAP-Ed provides events and classes free of charge to all participants.  Our partners are key in making it a great time for the students!  Our team will provide food samples, supplies to run the cooking demonstration, educational materials, and staff to lead the event. 

We rely on the generous help of our partner locations to extend the reach of the program.  Some items that we either are not allowed to purchase or do not have the resources to provide:

  • Location to hold the event / class
  • Volunteers to assist
  • Marketing the event locally
  • Audience recruitment
  • Meal kits for the take-home portion of the cooking class
  • Gift cards for grocery store tours

Are you interested in becoming a partner? Contact us!