Below are a slew of resources you can use to start a conversation in your home, school or church about drinks that will help us all live healthier lives.

+ How Much Water Should I Drink?

A simple question, with no real easy answer. There is no single formula that fits everyone. However, knowing more about your bodies need for water will help you estimate roughly how much your body should consume per day.

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+ Make Better Beverage Choices

This one-pager shares 10-tips of how to chose beverages that are beneficial for one’s health, considering that the drinks we consume are just as important as the foods we put in our bodies.

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+ Why Are Sugary Beverages a Special Problem

This one-pager highlights two specific reasons why sugar-sweetened drinks play a role in interfering with your ability to live a healthy life.

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+ Water is Wonderful

This one-pager explains why water is so essential for our bodies.

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