Empowering Health and Wellness


From nutrition education to physical activity initiatives, our programs cater to various age groups and interests. Discover the perfect program to kickstart your journey towards a happier and healthier lifestyle. Clemson SNAP-Ed is here to guide you every step of the way.

USDA MyPlate

Based on the USDA My Plate, this can be a one-time class or up to a five-course series (based on health educator availability) teaching participants about the five basic food groups. Participants learn the daily recommendations and identify foods associated in each group. Small food demonstrations can be added to enhance the class. All course materials and handouts are provided by Clemson SNAP-Ed.

Cooking Matters

In collaboration with Share Our Strengths, Clemson SNAP-Ed can provide a six-week cooking class series called Cooking Matters. This program can be adapted for all ages and audiences, including adults, kids, families, and parents. Participants learn basic kitchen safety skills and nutrition literacy information (i.e. how to read a food label) while cooking new recipes. All participants are given the opportunity to be hands-on in preparing a variety of meals from start to finish. At the least, access to a sink is needed to host a class and any kitchen equipment on site (but educators can bring additional equipment, if needed).


This is a fun and interactive program that teaches children the basics of nutrition through physical activity. The Coordinated Approach to Childhood Health (C.A.T.C.H.) can be hosted as a one-time class or course series. By the end of program, students know of the five basic food groups, identify foods in each food group, and understand the importance of eating healthy and staying physically active. A large space for participants to move around is required.

Walk With Ease

Walk With Ease was developed as a walking program to encourage people with and without arthritis to get started walking and stay motivated to keep active. The Walk With Ease model is set up as a six-week program where participants will walk for a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable pace to build up to 30 minutes or more of walking each day. Components of Walk With Ease include helping participants to anticipate and overcome barriers to being physically active. Walk With Ease also includes stretching and strengthening activities the increase balance, strength, and flexibility.


Achieve wellness with the HealthMatters program: with two decades of research and practice, HealthMatters empowers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their caregivers to improve their health where they live, work, learn, or play. HealthMatters curriculum includes key elements of physical fitness with practical nutrition tips. Each session includes a health lesson, group discussion, and exercise! Clemson University Learning Institute SNAP-Ed team implements the HealthMatters program for 6-weeks, 1 lesson per week, each lasting 1-2 hours depending on the site’s needs. Join us to start your wellness journey today.

Tabling Events and Resources

Clemson SNAP-Ed is ready to make a meaningful impact at your school events. We can either set up informative tables or supply printed handouts with valuable nutrition insights. Our team is eager to create an inviting table display, complete with informative materials, exciting giveaways, and delicious food samples. Additionally, we can assist in promoting school-wide water campaigns, offering refreshing infused water samples and a wide range of water-related resources.