Empowering Communities for Healthy Living

Policy, Systems & Environmental Strategies

At CULI SNAP-Ed, we're on a mission to transform communities and empower individuals by championing healthier living! Please contact Sarah Given at sarahbk@clemson.edu to see how we can assist you.

Turning Vision into Action

Unlocking Healthier Communities

Our dedicated team provides expert guidance to organizations, communities, and state representatives, collaborating to create real change. At CULI SNAP-Ed, we're in the business of transformation. Our mission? To guide organizations, communities, and state representatives in making impactful Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) changes that tackle health concerns head-on. We believe in sustainability, and our strategies ensure healthy foods and physical activity spaces are accessible, affordable, and equitable for all. We're not just experts; we're partners in action, assisting with implementation and evaluation. Need funding? Our experts can help you navigate the grant funding process. Join us on a journey of real change!

Discover the power of change as we delve into three essential components of healthier living: Policy Change, Systems Change, and Environmental Change. These pillars drive our mission to promote well-being, ensuring that individuals and communities have the tools they need to thrive.

  • Policy Change Policies that inspire healthy eating and active living are key to our success. But it's not just about creating rules; it's about ensuring they are embraced and followed by all, making a positive impact on every individual's journey to wellness.
  • Systems Change A shift in how we operate can make choosing health a natural and convenient choice. By reshaping systems and processes, we empower communities to engage in healthier behaviors effortlessly.
  • Environmental Change The world around us plays a significant role in our health. We're committed to creating environments that support better choices, from access to nutritious food to opportunities for physical activity.

Join us in exploring these transformative changes that lead to healthier communities and happier lives. If you're ready to embark on a journey of sustainable change, let's connect! Speak with a Clemson SNAP-Ed member today to explore how PSE changes can benefit your community and make your vision a reality.

Past PSE Initiatives

Community Gardens

We empower communities to take ownership of their health by establishing and supporting community gardens. These green spaces aren't just gardens; they're sources of fresh produce, community pride, and well-being.

Food Pantries

We've transformed food pantries into beacons of healthy choices. Our eye-catching displays highlight nutritious options, helping families make better food chioces.

Physical Activity Libraries

We brought fitness to the community's doorstep by providing physical activity equipment at local library branches. Now, community members can check out equipment for home use, making exercise accessible to all.

SNAP into a Healthy Community - Webinar

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